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Courtroom Technology

Technology in the court room

 "A picture is worth a Thousand words". As Trial Attorneys, we know a picture could be worth Much More Than that.

 At Stathis & Leonardis our team of Trial Attorneys use the latest in Court Room Demonstrative Aids To get our point across. Medical Illustrations, Surgical Animations and Timelines are specifically prepared to present the best possible case for our clients. 

Medical terms, Diagnostic Studies and Surgical procedures can be difficult for most people to understand. Our Demonstrative Aids allow us to present this medicine to the Jury and make what was confusing, now easy to understand. When a jury fully understands the injury, that Jury will be much more likely to also appreciate the significant impact that injury has had on the Plaintiff and render an award of Fair and Reasonable Money damages to The Plaintiff. 

We know that people Comprehend a much higher percentage of what they can actually see than what what they simply hear. Our website contains just a brief example of the courtroom technology we use to assist Jurors in understanding the evidence presented to them.