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Premises Liability


At Stathis and Leonardis our team of trial Attorneys have helped thousands Of people who were injured in accidents which were caused as a result of The neglect of others. These accidents and the injuries that result turn the lives of our clients and their families upside down.
We value the trust these client place in us.

  • We are committed to earning your trust and making sure your Job gets done. No exceptions. No excuses.
  • You focus on getting Better. We will focus on your case.
  • Slip and falls on snow and/or ice: beware of ice and snow on steps,sidewalks and parking lots
  • Slip and Fall in stores on liquid substance or debris: beware of liquids or produce on the floor In your supermarket.
  • Trip and Fall on a dangerous condition: beware of potholes , uneven sidewalks, broken up steps, debris on the floor or dangerous construction sites.

Premises Liability

  • $1 Million for Slip and Fall

    Our client suffered severe Neck injuries when he tripped on a torn carpet at the top of the stairs in a multi family property. As he approached the top of the steps his foot slid under the torn carpet causing him to fall  down 14 stairs. He suffered a fracture to his neck which required mulitple surgeries to repair. The defense argued that the plaintiff was intoxicated at the time of his fall. Our extensive discovery revealed that the property owner knew of the torn carpets but chose to ignore the dangerous condition. During litigation, the defendant tried to remove the torn carpets after they learned we were scheduled to perform a site inspection. That strategy backfired on the defense when the court permitted plaintiff to add a claim against the defendant for spoliation of evidence.  This case involved a challenging set of liability facts with significant harm to our client. The case settled on the eve of trial for the entire $1 Million policy which insured the property.
  • Homeowner Settles Her Negligence Claim Against Cleaning Company for $2 Million

    On June 27 Plaintiff accepted $2 Million to settle her Middlesex County Case says her Attorney Nicholas J. Leonardis of Stathis & Leonardis in Edison.
  • $850,000 in Pedestrian Accident

    A man struck while crossing a street recovered $850,200 on Nov 13 in arbitration of his Monmouth Couty suit.
  • $745,000 For Fall in Supermarket

    A Plainfield woman who was injured in a supermarket fall settled her Middlesex County Suit for $745,000 on June 15.
  • $725,000 for Sidewalk Fall Settlement

    A Woodbridge woman will receive $725,000 to settle her suit over alleged knee and shoulder injuries from a trip and fall on a raised sidewalk slab at a medical office building.  Plantiff Laverne Jones, 59, and Chartis Inc., the carrier for defendant Jewish Renaissance Medical Center in Prth Amboy and its chief executive officer, Alan Goldsmith, agreed to the settlement on Jan. 13, the day trial was to begin before Middlesex County Superior Court Judge Joseph Rea.  A jury had already been selected.
  • $450,000 For Slip and Fall in Store

    A WaWa Market agreed on July 9 to pay $450,000 to a patron who slipped and fell in its South Amboy store.